City of Calabasas Conducting Class Warfare?

The City of Calabasas has struck again, this time against homeowner Robert Hahn, in the Old Topanga area.  The City used an alleged septic tank violation to inspect the entire property of a resident in gestapo fashion for code violations.  (See the article in the LA Times.)  It then applied the information learned through legal action against the homeowner.  The fact that the City can’t prove a septic tank violation hasn’t stopped it from its heinous activities.

There isn’t a home in Calabasas that, under scrutiny, would stand up to the City’s lethal building code.  Simply replacing a light switch without a permit is a violation.  Following the aggressive manner that characterized earlier actions of this kind, the City hired litigator Dapeer, Rosenblit & Litvak, LLP, to file a 270+ page injunction that gives Mr. Hahn 30 days to vacate his property.  No contact was made beforehand with Mr. Hahn to discuss a more socially responsible approach towards resolving violations.  According to City documents, the only way Mr. Hahn will be able to return to his property is to tear down the structures that exist, and to rebuild.  Mr. Hahn is not financially able to properly defend himself in court, let alone counter-sue the City.

To prepare and file a document of this magnitude, and to gain the personal services of Mr. Rosenblit in inspecting the property, would have cost the City in the range of $30,000 to $50,000.  What a waste.  If Mr. Hahn’s property is such a danger to the residents of Calabasas, think of the ways that money could have been put to work in a more responsible manner.

This is not good news.  This action demonstrates how little Mr. Bozajian has accomplished in his term as mayor.  And it highlights that City Manager Mr. Coroalles, along with cohorts Ms. Tamuri and Mr. Cohen, continue to engage in class warfare, treating the non-millionaire sector of Calabasas with contempt.  The City discriminates by taking strong measures only against those who can least afford to defend themselves and/or counter-sue the City.  Let’s see the City take similar measures against a homeowner in the Oaks.  Surely, it can find a DIY light switch to litigate over.

Calabasas City Manager Mr. Coroalles should be ashamed of himself.  In addition to his poor judgement in the application of City legal resources, he continues to spend twice as much as the City receives in revenues.  It’s time to replace Mr. Coroalles and his pals with a city manager that is socially responsible and can balance a budget.  With the salaries that we pay, Calabasas can afford much better talent.